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What We Do

HHL HOSPITAL : HHL Hospital being developed according to the need of people. It is a growing type of services that may be offered in a special unit of HHL Hospital in future.
BVP : Baal Vikash Pathshala is a programe of HHLF. We provide quality suplimentry education with linguistic and logical skills to under privileged children. We are educating thousand plus schooling children.
SELF HELP GROUP FOR LIVELI- HOOD : HHL Foundation going to organize informal association of people who choose to come together to find ways to improve their living condition. We organise vocational training program
AWARENESS PROGRAME : To empower users with a better resources, communication and encouraging involvement in term of health care, education, livelihood and focusing on alleviating poverty and social exclusion.


HHLF seeking to a world of hope, social justice and tolerance, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. HHLF works toward overcome people from poverty because these people have also equal rights and opportunities. HHLF aim to recognize and value the potential of local resources. HHLF empowering and leveraging already available resources, wisdom, time, skill and effort of the people.

HHL Foundation also believes in the following principles:

1. Well- organized : HHLF is an organization that believes in performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. We believe in reducing the hierarchy structure and work with minimum layers as far as the vertical structure of the institutional pyramid goes. It is our aim to use sustainable processes that reduce the paperwork and enhance effectiveness for every project undertaken.

2. Support for development : Our committed volunteers act as role models and identify change in a unique method with no personal intentions or bias. We promote the cause as their own initiative as they believe in it with full conviction.

3. Impressive Employment of Human Resources: We strongly believe the participation of locals by including them in every step of the process. Those who are firmly rooted to the cause can provide better and practical solutions as they are ground level people experiencing the issues and may be able to provide insights for solving the problem.

4. Promote Management and Leadership: People management is as important as the cause. Education combined with technical skills, making it into practice for optimum utilization of resources, public dealing problem solving and decision making brings out the leadership quality of getting work done by taking maximum people into confidence.

5. Commitment to Long-term Revolutions HHLF emphasizes quality over quantity. Our aim is not to affect as many people as possible, but to have a lasting effect upon, empowering them and building an enduring relationship with both our benefactors and beneficiaries.

Success Story

Success Story of Shriya Bharti

Shriya Bharti lives in Bagnagar,Jokihat,District of Araria. She read in Standard -1 in Primary School but his family were unable to send her to teaching centre properly. When our Baal Vikas Pathshala open in afternoon 3pm,she use to stop our gate & looks inside the children coming in & settling down. It took us 2 months to bring her inside the Baal Vikas Pathshala.Shriya Bharti joined our centre ,In that time she can’t be able to read write & communicate of any basic syllabus having low confidence. Three months of learning, mentorship & his own hard work made her able to read write & communicate and good knowledge of basic syllabus.